Austin Film Society Presents a Night of Texas Animation, Animation showcase draws artists together. The genesis for the night came from Mighty Coconut co-founder Christina Martell and AFS director Holly Herrick having a conversation over drinks, “as most good things do,” Martell said. “We kind of blinked, and three years later she said, ‘Yeah, let’s do this!'”

Having taken two shorts – “Pigeon: Impossible” and “The OceanMaker,” both directed by her husband, Lucas Martell – on the festival circuit, Martell has seen hundreds of animation packages, and had a clear idea of what the evening should represent: “If I was having an event at my house with a big screen and 300 friends, what would I want to see?” For her, the night reflects the eclecticism of the art form, and the diversity of the Austin scene. “Things we like from people where we love their work, and style very different from what we do. 2-D, 3-D, hand-drawn things, rotoscoped things, things that are super-super polished. Wanting to see animation from all sides, inside out and upside down.”

[Mighty Coconut also gave a sneak-peek at KOALAROO, an internal feature in development]

– Richard Whittaker, Staff Writer