Presented by the Austin Film Society, the Texas Animation Showcase Evening of Austin Animation will feature new short films and works-in-progress by local and regional animators. The showcase, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 27 at the AFS Cinema, also will highlight the work of Mighty Coconut, the Austin-based animation responsible for The Oceanmaker, Pigeon: Impossible and The Taking Tree. Mighty Coconut director and co-founder Lucas Martell will present scenes from the coming Koalaroo. The showcase also will include screenings of The Yellow Wallpaper by Nidhi Reddy, Newbie Newsboy by Caitlin Inzinna, Sugarless Tea by Sai Salvarajan, The D in David by Michelle Yi, Danny & The Wild Bunch by Laura Skowronski Nattam, and America by Ryan Hessesee as well as footage from Keith Maitland’s SXSW award-winning documentary Tower and Geoff Marslett’s new untitled project. Mighty Coconut director and co-founder Lucas Martell (left) and his wife Christina Martell (center), Mighty Coconut’s studio manager, join Austin Film Society lead film programmer Lars Nilsen (right) during this interview.

– Robert Sims, Host