THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE: Hollywood Gets Animated About Austin

"From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow. Sometimes, Hollywood animation springs from a Mighty Coconut. Fox Animation has announced that Will Smith and Tom Holland will voice the lead characters in Spies in Disguise, an upcoming feature based on a short by Lucas Martell, co-founder of Austin's Mighty Coconut animation studio.

In 2009, before he established the rising studio, Martell co-wrote, directed, and animated 'Pigeon: Impossible,' a hilarious silent tale of a very special suitcase, a very dumb bird, and a nervous spy called Walter. Now Walter returns to the screen, voiced by Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming), opposite Smith as Lance Sterling, the world's smoothest and most capable spy.

This is more big news for Martell and his team, who are busy with their new YouTube Red series Kings of Atlantis, as well as their own original feature Koalaroo. While the Austin studio will not be directly involved with Spies in Disguise, Martell told the Chronicle, 'The short was a labor of love, and it’s exciting to have it make its way to the big screen!'"

- Richard Whittaker, Staff Writer

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Will Smith, Tom Holland to Star in Fox Animation's 'Spies in Disguise'

Smith will voice Lance Sterling, the world’s most awesome spy. Cool, charming and super-skilled, Sterling's occupation is saving the world. Holland will play Walter, a great mind but perhaps not a great socializer. What he lacks in social skills, though, he makes up for in smarts and invention: Walter is the scientific genius who invents the gadgets Lance uses on his missions. When events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly have to rely on each other to work as a team, with the whole world in peril.

- Mia Galuppo, Staff Writer

VARIETY: Will Smith, Tom Holland to Star in Animated Movie ‘Spies in Disguise’

"Will Smith and Tom Holland will star in the animated movie 'Spies in Disguise,' Variety has learned. The project is based on 'Pigeon: Impossible,' a 2009 original animated short film by Lucas Martell that followed a secret agent who nearly triggers a global conflict when a pigeon gets stuck in a government-issued nuclear briefcase. The feature-length film is a Fox Animation production, with Blue Sky Studios and Chernin Entertainment overseeing the project.

'Spies in Disguise' will open on January 18, 2019. Under newly minted studio chief Stacey Snider, Fox has been bolstering its animated output."

- Brent Lang, Senior Film & Media Editor

MOVIEWEB: First Look at Will Smith & Tom Holland's Spies in Disguise

"Directed by Nick Bruno & Troy Quane, Spies In Disguise is a Fox Animation production, with Blue Sky Studios and Chernin Entertainment. The project is based on Pigeon: Impossible, an original animated short film by Lucas Martell. Spies In Disguise hits theaters everywhere on January 18, 2019, which, as of now, puts it up against the Split and Unbreakable sequel entitled Glass, along with another animated movie, Open Road Films' Playmobil."

- Brian Gallagher, Staff Writer

AWN: Shotgun Wins 2017 Engineering Emmy Award

Shotgun Wins 2017 Engineering Emmy Award -

Austin-based studio Mighty Coconut recently relied on Shotgun to produce the animated series Kings of Atlantis. “During [Kings of Atlantis’] nine-month production, we created 13 11-minute episodes, totaling over two hours of animated content. Overall, we had 150 character assets, 30 environments, over 400 props, and 2,306 shots. We needed a strong infrastructure to keep our team organized and to ensure that production ran on track and within budget,” said Tim Cunningham, executive producer at Mighty Coconut.

- Tom McLean, Staff Writer


VR Austin Showcase

Mighty Coconut debuted a demo of our new game, BALLA NOVA, at the VR Austin MeetUp at Impact Hub Austin to a crowd of 200.

BALLA NOVA is a sophisticated physics puzzler that turns classic pinball mechanics on its head to create mind-bending challenges across more than 100 beautifully designed tables. It is the first game by animation studio Mighty Coconut and slated for release in 2018, with support for both traditional and VR gameplay.


Austin Public Animation Summer Campers Tour

We had such a great time with the Austin Film Society's - Austin Public Animation Summer Campers! Thanks so much to Sharon and Yolanda for bringing this great group of future animators by the studio for a tour and to 'talk shop'.

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: Cracking the Mighty Coconut

"People come back from Belize with strange mementos. Christina and Lucas Martell came back with a laptop full of sand, an animated short, and the beginnings of an animation company.

Austin-based 3-D VFX and animation studio Mighty Coconut is only a couple of years old. "We're definitely the newest guys on the block," said Lucas. Yet it's already making an impact: The studio has outgrown its first offices on South Lamar, moved up Burnet, taken over a converted house, and added additional space in a nearby office complex, with more staff joining."

- Richard Whittaker, Staff Writer

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: RTX - Austin Animation Update

"[The] studio is already making its mark, and the team members got to show off their new YouTube Red series Kings of Atlantis before the RTX audience. Their first foray into episodic storytelling, the Minecraft-inspired show is part of a busy slate, as the animation house keeps providing effects for local and national advertising campaigns, as well as films, including Rooster Teeth's second feature, Lazer Team 2. Not only that, but their original short "Pigeon: Impossible" is being adapted into a feature by Blue Sky Studios (also responsible for the Ice Age and Rio franchises). Additionally, executive producer Tim Cunningham said, "We have several other episodic projects that are very close, and some more feature stuff that the needle has been moved on."

- Richard Whittaker, Staff Writer


COLLIDER: 6 Animation Studios That Are Pushing the Boundaries of the Industry

"All of the animation studios I got a chance to speak with or whose work I got to experience left me feeling inspired, optimistic, and excited to see what they did next. Mighty Coconut was no exception, but they also felt like the freshest studio of the bunch, the underdog, the scrappy upstart with big ambitions and a pipeline of projects that are poised to shine the spotlight on the Austin, TX studio."

- Dave Trumbore, Editor - Animation Lead