Demo Reel - The National WWII Museum

For special venue projects like museums, live events, concerts and trade shows, we help redefine engagement with creative, real world solutions. Whether it’s documenting oral histories, creating backing graphics for live events, or recreating historic events, our team crafts dynamic and compelling experiences that engage, educate, and entertain.

Experiential Work

The National WWII Museum

Ranked the #2 museum in the world by TripAdvisor with more than 700,000 annual visitors, The National WWII Museum in New Orleans tells the story of the American experience in World War II.

Campaigns of Courage PavilionRoad to Berlin: European Theater Galleries – Air War

In a recreated Nissen hut, visitors are immersed in two seminal World War II air battles as they view brilliant 3D animation on a 4-screen vertical display, with plane formations thundering overhead. They also hear firsthand accounts in ten fully produced oral histories.

The US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

Housing large artifacts of World War II, the US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center gives a glimpse into the planes, ships, tanks, and other machinery that the US produced in unprecedented numbers.

The US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

A massive B-17, My Gal Sal, dwarfs a 64-monitor multi-screen 4k display that features two films, “The Arsenal of Democracy” and “The Boeing Story.” a 4-minute film, “My Gal Sal” runs on two large multi-screen displays on the lower level, along with 50 fully produced oral histories accessible at six interactive stations.

Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries

Walking the Road to Berlin, visitors learn about the American experience during World War II by registering a dog tag embedded with an RFID chip, and then selecting one of 30 individuals whose story they will follow through the war. At five interactive kiosks, the visitor taps the dog tag on an RFID reader and triggers a first person account (portrayed by voice actors) and features historically accurate archival film, animated maps, motion graphics and narration. More than 60 fully produced oral histories are also accessible at interactive kiosks throughout the galleries.

Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries

Museum visitors journey through the Pacific Theater of War by visiting five interactive kiosks that feature the stories of 20 individuals in the Dog Tag Experience. At additional kiosks, more than 70 fully produced oral histories give personal accounts of heroic service.

Photos and video courtesy of The National WWII Museum

Mighty Coconut worked with Austin-based production company Curiosity Shoppe to design and execute visual effects for the Garden of the Gods visitor center film “Geo-Trekker.” This project involved the design and building of nearly 30 computer generated dinosaurs including the first such representation of Theiophytalia kerri (Theio), a species known only to have existed in the area of the park. Mighty Coconut’s design and 3D model was used as the basis for the life-sized model currently on display in the museum.

Milestone Community Builders hired Mighty Coconut to create an interactive touchscreen customer experience for The Grove, a high-end, mixed use development in the heart of Austin, TX.

Working with Daddy Van Productions, Mighty Coconut designed and executed multi-screen backing graphics for Rihanna’s side of 2014’s The Monster Tour featuring Eminem and Rihanna.

Working with Daddy Van Productions, Mighty Coconut designed and executed multi-screen backing graphics for various artists participating in The Concert for Valor, a Veteran’s Day celebration produced and broadcast by HBO.