An Augmented Reality Adventure for the Merge Cube

When two cousins are shipwrecked on a remote island in Alaska, it’s up to you to help them survive, escape, and maybe even discover why there are so many security cameras out here in the middle of nowhere…

57° North uses augmented reality to tell a gripping story with hundreds of decisions and multiple endings that depend on the choices you make. Gorgeous illustrations become 3-dimensional in the palm of your hand. Just don’t get too distracted looking at the scenery… we’ve heard there are bears on the island.

Recommended for ages 10+
Requires Merge Cube ($14.99 MSRP)
Audio required – Currently spoken English only (no closed captioning)

“Every Merge Cube owner should check out 57º North”

-Android Central

“The story was fantastic and the choices had consequences.”

– Hand Boosted (App Store Review)

“One of a kind… the story kept me entirely hooked from start to finish.”



How do I play?
To play you’ll need a Merge Cube ($14.99 MSRP – available at most major retailers) and a compatible iOS or Android device. The game uses extensive audio so headphones are highly recommended. Once you launch the app, press the phone mode button (unless you also have the Merge Goggles – see below). Then place the cube in front of your device and rotate it to play.

What is the Merge Cube?
The Merge cube is the world’s first holographic object. Featured recently in New York MagazineVenture Beat, and Buzzfeed, the Merge Cube is a powerful and affordable device which merges physical and digital worlds using augmented reality technology and the powerful camera and sensors in your mobile device. For more information, see the Merge Cube website.

What is VR Mode?
The game is also compatible with the Merge Goggles: Just choose VR mode from the app and slide your smartphone into the front of the device, then you can look through the goggles at the cube without even thinking about the phone. If you don’t have the Merge Goggles, then just choose phone mode.

How long is the game?
It depends on your choices, but approximately 1 hour for a single play through. Of course, you can always go back through the story again, making different choices to try and reach a different outcome.

Is it safe for kids?
57° North is designed for ages 10 and up. While there is nothing objectionable content-wise, the story is about surviving in the wilderness, so can be dramatic and intense at times. We’ve found that 10 is a great age, but teenagers and adults seem to love it just as much as kids.

Is it available in any other languages?
The story is told through extensive narration, so at this time it is only available in English. If you would like to see it translated into another language, send us an email at If we get enough requests we’ll do our best to translate it.

The camera is upside down!
We have encountered an issue affecting < 1% of users, where the camera image is flipped. It seems to be an issue with the AR package we’re using, so we’ve requested a patch from the manufacturer. In the meantime, if you encounter this issue, just restart your device, then relaunch the app in portrait (vertical) mode. Once you have started the game you should be able to rotate the phone back to landscape. If you’re using the Merge Goggles, it might be necessary to start the game in phone mode, then just switch to VR mode by pressing the small icon in the corner. If you encounter this issue, please email us at and let us know what device/OS you are using as it will help us diagnose the problem.

I’m still having issues…
If the issue is with the Merge Cube, you should contact their support team. If there is a problem with the game itself, you can submit a request via the iTunes Store / Google Play, or email

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