Walk, dodge, crouch, hide, dance, and squeeze your way past deadly lasers in this revolutionary AR/VR puzzle game. Laser Mazer is played by walking around in the real world, so you’ll need a large flat space that’s free of obstacles. Put your mind and feet to the test with 40 challenging levels!

“I love this game… the first AR game that has kept me playing.”

– Mrphilipjoel (App Store Review)

“It’s amazing! Great idea, great graphics, great mode of interaction!”

-Carolyra (Reddit)

“Totally immersive. Clean design and the levels are cool and challenging.”

-MCat Austin (App Store Review)


How much physical space do I need to play this game?
Laser Mazer uses a unique locking mechanic which allows the game to be played in virtually any sized space. That said, the game is much more enjoyable if you aren’t constantly having to lock and reorient yourself. We recommend at least 15’ x 15’ (5m x 5m) for the best experience, but the more space you have the better.

Is it safe?
We’ve done everything we can to make the game as safe as possible, including safety features like speed limits, and avoiding level designs that force you to walk backwards. However, you are still moving around the real world, so it’s up to you to know your physical limitations and to make sure that the space you’re playing in is safe. Avoid tripping hazards and don’t play near the street or places where there’s a lot of foot/bike traffic. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

What devices does Laser Mazer work on?
All you need is an iOS device that supports ARKit (iPhone 6s or newer, iPad 2017, 2018 or any of the Pro models). We plan to eventually bring the game to Android, but don’t have a timeline for that right now.

How much does it cost?
Regular price is $3.99 and includes 40 levels, but check the store as this is subject to change.

How long is the game?
It varies quite a bit from player to player, but all 40 levels average between 2-3 hours for the first playthrough.

I keep seeing “Tracking Lost” or “Don’t Run” appear on my screen while playing.
That means that something is causing your device to not track the environment through the camera. Typically this is because your environment is too dark or something is covering your camera. It can also happen in a few specific cases like blank walls or highly reflective surfaces. Just make sure everything is well lit and continue to walk around your environment. If the game doesn’t resume automatically within 10-15 seconds you can try restarting the app, although those cases are extremely rare.